Tournament Info

All information about the tournament

We’ll be using the Command Tower tournament software.
Every player will need a free Eminence Account to enter the tournament, this can be created onsite or in advance.
  • REL Competitive
  • Participant cap 32
  • Structure 4 swiss rounds with cut to top 4 final.
  • Round time 80 minutes with no extra turns after time is called. Finals are untimed.
  • Decklist Decklists are required. We highly prefer the list to be created in Moxfield.
  • Proxies Allowed, check the rules for the conditions.
  • Seating order Pre-determined.

Schedule and venue

  • Sign up Sign up is now closed
  • Venue open 11:00.
  • Player meeting 11:20.
  • Round 1 starts 11:30.
  • Expected start time finals 18:30.
  • Location Het Spellenhuis, Kruisweg 60, Haarlem.
  • Public transport 2 minutes walk from Haarlem Central Station.
  • Parking Unfortunately the parking garage at the station is closed. There is free parking at a walkable distance at the beginning of the Paul Krugerkade.

Price support

  • Swiss €10 store credit for every game played and won.
  • Finals €5 store credit -per tournament participant- which will be divided for the top 4. (40% for the winner, 20% for 2-4).

Tournament Rules

  • Point System is the following
    • Win: 5 points
    • Draw: 1 point (for all 4 starting players, including players who already lost)
    • Loss: 0 points
  • No intentional king making or spite play.
  • Players are not allowed to concede a match unless every player agrees. (Emergencies happen, we cannot stop players from conceding when they really have to leave.).

Proxy Ruling

  • A proxy is a paper print in front of a real card.
  • All proxies should be in color and a standard form factor as magic cards (thickness and dimensions).
  • All proxies must be official arts of paper legal cards found on Scryfall.
  • A deck is allowed to have real Magic cards and proxies.
  • There is no restriction to the number of proxies used.
  • Proxies have to be sleeved the same as the rest of the real magic card. So proxies have to be double sleeved if your real magic cards are also double sleeved.
  • Counterfeit cards are NOT allowed. Using counterfeit cards results in an immediate disqualification of the tournament. Make sure a proxy card is recognisable as a proxy.
  • Alters are allowed, but if the card and art is not recognisable, you have to bring a real/or printed copy of the original card. When in doubt, bring a copy.