Tournament Info

All information about the tournament

We’ll be using the Command Tower tournament software.
Every player will need a free topdeck account to enter the tournament, this can be created onsite or in advance.
  • REL Competitive
  • Participant cap 32
  • Structure 4 swiss rounds with cut to top 4 final.
  • Round time 80 minutes with no extra turns after time is called.
    Finals are untimed.
  • Decklist Decklists are required.
    We highly prefer the list to be created in Moxfield.
  • Proxies Allowed, check the proxy rules section for the conditions.
  • Seating Order Pre-determined.

Schedule and venue

  • Sign up Sign up from this link .
  • Venue open 11:00
  • Player meeting 11:20
  • Round 1 starts 11:30
  • Expected start time final 18:30
  • Location Het Spellenhuis, Kruisweg 60, Haarlem.
  • Public transport 2 minutes walk from Haarlem Central Station.
  • Parking

    Unfortunately the parking garage at the station is closed.

    There is free parking at a walkable distance at the beginning of the Paul Krugerkade.

Tournament Rules

  • Point System is the following
    • Win: 5 points
    • Draw: 1 point (for all 4 starting players, including players who already lost)
    • Loss: 0 points
  • No intentional king making or spite play.
  • Players are not allowed to concede a match unless every player agrees. (Emergencies happen, we cannot stop players from conceding when they really have to leave.).

Prize support

  • Swiss €10 store credit for every game played and won.
  • Finals €5 store credit - per tournament participant - which will be divided for the top 4 (40% for the winner, 20% for 2-4).
    A ticket for the European championship that will be held in November 16-17 in Lisabon, Portugal.

Proxy Ruling

  • A deck is allowed to have any amount of proxies.
  • Permitted types of proxies
    • ✅ A paper color print in front of a real card. The proxy and the entire deck has to be double sleeved so the paper can’t move
    • ✅ MPC or other card stock in similar dimensions and thickness
    • ❌ Hand-drawn or written cards
    • ❌ Writings on a real card
  • Proxies print requirements
    • In color
    • Official mtg art (If the art exists on Scryfall, you are good)
    • Retro, extended and modern borders adaptations are accepted
    • Exotic borders like showcase and invention borders are NOT allowed if the proxied card does not exist with that border
  • Counterfeit cards are NOT allowed
    • Using counterfeit cards results in an immediate disqualification of the tournament
    • Make sure an unsleeved proxy card is EASILY recognizable as a proxy

Alter Policy

  • Partial alters of original cards are allowed, as long as the original card and art is recognizable. When in doubt ask for approval and bring a real/or printed copy of the original card.
  • Fully alters of original cards with not recognizable artwork are allowed in the deck. But you are required to have a normal copy/proxy present. An opponent may request that you use or replace the alter with the normal version during the game when it comes up.